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Victims of Catholic Priest Sexual Abuse in Pennsylvania: It’s Time to Stand up and Fight.

The Catholic Church has been protecting sexual abusing priests from Allentown to Scranton to Pittsburgh and there are 210 million reasons why you should be paying attention if you’re one of the victims of this atrocity.  Today, news broke across cities like Allentown, Scranton, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg revealing a two-year investigation by the Pennsylvania attorney general that uncovered the existence of 300 sexual predator priests and at least a thousand victims across Pennsylvania.  The public reaction has been and will continue to be swift and furious.

If you’re a victim or you know a victim of Pennsylvania priest, you are about to get an opportunity to get some long-deserved justice.  We have been analyzing the situation closely in Harrisburg, and we believe the Pennsylvania legislature will soon pass a law that gives Catholic priest abuse victims who were victimized many decades ago a chance to sue the Church and get compensation for their terrifying ordeal.  But the window will be small, the Catholic Church will guarantee that through their relentless lobbying of Pennsylvania state representatives.

For example, after similar bombshell news in Hawaii, the Hawaii legislature extended the statute of limitations so Hawaii residents who had been abused 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years ago could sue the Church and get compensation for their suffering.  It is going to happen in Pennsylvania, there is no doubt,  and you want to be ready with an Allentown clergy abuse lawyer on your side to fight for your rights when it does.

All you have to do is one thing: be ready when the window opens.  Don’t wait to call an attorney that will help you with a lawsuit against the Catholic Church because of sexual abuse by Priests.  Our Allentown Catholic priest sexual abuse lawyers have built their reputation on our tenacity in fighting for victims of injustice.

Unfortunately, compared across the United States the news out of Pennsylvania today is nothing new.  The horrific thing is that there is evidence that the Catholic Church has known of the prevalent abuse by its priests for 40 years or more.  The sheer pervasiveness of the sexual abuse by priests in Scranton, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and cities across Pennsylvania, the United States and world is astonishing.  The center for prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence estimates that 15% of priests have engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct.  That’s 1 out of every 6 or 7 Catholic Churches in Pennsylvania. We’re not talking dozens of incidents or even hundreds or thousands; we’re literally talking about tens of thousands of allegations of sexual abuse by priests.  And, if you’re worried that the Church can’t be sued. Don’t be.  It’s not the middle ages anymore when the Church ran things.  The Church is far from untouchable as the Catholic Church just experienced when it recently paid 210 million dollars to victims of its sexual touching and abusing by some of its priests.

Victims of sexual abuse by priests: Don’t sit quiet any longer.  Money will never make up for the pain these sexual predator priests and clergy have put you through, but it is the only avenue toward some semblance of justice.  At Santini Law, PLLC our attorneys will not hesitate to bring suit against these sexual abusing priests in the Catholic Church for what they’ve done to you.