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Riverview Workplace Injury Lawyers

Getting hurt on the job. It’s a real risk in many of the most important vital jobs that keep our country running. Most of us know about worker’s compensation. Worker’s compensation is a valuable tool for workers and companies to help workers get through certain injuries and eventually get back to work. But, when you get seriously injured at work such that it prevents you from returning to work at all or living a normal life, then you need a serious personal injury and worker’s compensation attorney to fight for your rights.

Construction site accidents

-Mining accidents
-Power plant accidents
-Factory accidents
-Scaffolding accidents
-Highway accidents
-Asbestos exposure – mesothelioma
-Construction equipment accidents

Types of Workplace Injuries

-Equipment or objects falling and crushing
-Vehicle Accidents on the highway
-Brain Injuries
-Spinal injuries
-Back Injuries
-Broken bones

When employees are injured at work, they are usually informed that worker’s compensation is their only recourse.  This is the case in many accidents, but there are many cases in which the victims of workplace accidents are entitled to more than just worker’s compensation. The Brandon personal injury attorneys at The Frank Santini Law Firm are here to help analyze each workplace injury case to help those injured and their families get the most compensation possible.

The Riverview workers compensation attorneys at The Frank Santini Law Firm handle cases throughout Brandon, St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay.

For an absolutely free consultation, contact a Riverview workplace injury lawyer at The Frank Santini Law Firm (813) 445-6121.