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Uber Car Accident Attorney / Lyft Car Accident Attorney

You have important legal rights if you have been in a Lyft accident or Uber accident. The Frank Santini Law Firm’s accident lawyers in Riverview, FL and Phillipsburg, NJ will help you understand your legal rights after the Lyft or Uber car accident. Typically car accident victims that suffer personal injuries in Riverview, Brandon, or the greater Tampa Bay area encounter Uber and Lyft in two different scenarios.

My Car was Hit by an Uber Driver

As with all drivers on the road, Uber drivers and Lyft drivers are not perfect and sometimes are negligent causing auto accidents. If you have been a driver in a car accident with an Uber or Lyft and suffered a personal injury, you need to make sure you write down the Uber driver’s personal insurance information. You may be saying “Well, of course I know I should get the Uber’s driver’s insurance info if he hits my car.” But, you should also get another piece of information if you are in an Uber or Lyft car accident. You’ll want to get the Uber driver’s corporate ridesharing information. Your personal injury lawyer will need to do his or her research into what the Uber driver’s online status was at the time of the Uber car accident. What the Uber driver was specifically doing as it relates to the Uber driver’s Uber app at the time of the car accident is crucial information for a potential personal injury case. In short, the personal injury Uber car accident case will depend on whether the Uber or Lyft driver’s personal insurance is the applicable insurance or whether the Uber insurance policy or Lyft insurance policy is applicable for the Riverview personal injury lawsuit. The Brandon Uber accident lawyers will pursue the legal action necessary based on whichever insurance policy is available for the Lyft car accident lawsuit.

I was Hit by an Uber Driver as a Pedestrian

The same analysis applies to your personal injury case as described above if you have been victim of a pedestrian accident of a vehicle driven by Uber or Lyft.

I was a Passenger in an Uber Car Accident What do I Do

If you are a passenger in an Uber vehicle and the Uber driver gets into a car accident while you are in the car, you may be entitled to up to $1 million in uninsured motorist and underinsured insurance. The same $1 million policy applies to passengers of Lyft that get into a car accident. To be clear, this does not mean that if your Uber driver gets into a little fender bender that you automatically get $1 million dollars. It means that if you suffer a serious personal injury in an Uber accident or Lyft accident, you have up to $1 million in insurance coverage. How much of the $1 million in Uber insurance coverage or Lyft insurance coverage you actually would receive in financial compensation would depend on how serious your personal injuries are and whether there is other insurance available from the other vehicles involved in the Uber or Lyft car accident. Uber and Lyft protect their passengers with this $1 million policy for personal injury and it applies no matter who caused the Uber car accident. As with any auto accident, you should always get immediate medical attention after a Lyft or Uber car accident. Our Uber accident attorneys can help you negotiate a personal injury settlement with Uber or Lyft’s insurance company and the insurance companies of any other drivers who may have been negligent in the Uber car accident.

Uber Driver Offline

In Riverview and throughout Tampa Bay, Uber drivers, Lyft drivers and other “ridesharing” drivers are subject to Florida law applicable to ridesharing. One of the first things, your personal injury attorney will look at is whether the Lyft driver is online or offline when the car accident occurred. The reason whether the Uber driver is online or offline is important is because if the car accident occurs when the Uber driver is offline, the Uber driver is covered by his or her own personal car insurance.

Uber Driver Online

When the Uber driver is “online,” meaning he is awaiting a fare, Uber and Lyft provide a 50/100 insurance liability coverage. “50/100” means the Uber driver’s insurance will pay $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident for personal injuries if the Uber driver is negligent in causing a Riverview car accident or car accident anywhere in Florida. If the Uber driver actually has accepted a fare, then at that point the $1 million underinsured and uninsured policy coverage applies for the car accident victim.

Uber Accident Lawyers

Our Riverview Uber accident lawyers handle car accident personal injury lawsuits. After a Riverview or Brandon Uber accident, it is vital to seek medical attention and call an Uber accident attorney. Riverview car accident lawyers can help you get financial compensation for your Brandon personal injury lawsuit. Our Lyft accident lawyers understand the stress of a car accident. Our law firm can review your Uber accident. At our Riverview personal injury law firm we offer free consultations. Our Uber car accident lawyers will also travel to meet you at your house or medical facility.