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Have you been diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer, Leukemia Cancer, or Multiple Myeloma Cancer? If so, and you were a user of Roundup weed killer, the cause of your cancer may be directly linked to exposure to something called glyphosate – a cancer causing chemical in Roundup. Roundup is a weed killer used by Florida landscapers, gardeners and farmers and has recently been found to cause cancer. Our Tampa Roundup cancer attorneys partner with other roundup cancer law firms around the country to help innocent people who have been diagnosed with cancer directly connected to Roundup exposure in Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, St. Petersburg, and all of Florida.

Glyphosate-based herbicides, referred to as Roundup, are the most heavily applied herbicides in the world and are contaminating water sources, precipitation and even the air, especially in agricultural regions. Human exposure to roundup is consistently increasing and the estimated amount of safe exposure is based on outdated research. In March 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reported that glyphosate is a likely human carcinogen based on the studies performed on humans and animals.  More recently, litigation against Monsanto, the makers of Roundup, and Bayer, which recently purchased Monsanto, have revealed more disturbing facts and prompted more scientific study about the connection between using Roundup and an increased risk of certain types of cancer.

The bottom line is that those innocent individuals who used Roundup when landscaping, gardening, farming or otherwise and who have received a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma, Lymphoma or Leukemia Cancer may have a claim against the makers of Roundup. Since the connection between Roundup and cancer is relatively recent, many Florida residents were exposed to life-threatening toxins found in Monsanto Roundup through both home and commercial agriculture without understanding the risks. Our Riverview personal injury lawyers are ready to help you receive the justice you deserve if you are suffering from a Roundup related cancer.

Roundup Cancer Attorney Tampa

One of the first Monsanto lawsuits to go to trial was in San Francisco, California where a jury concluded that the plaintiff had developed a form of cancer known as non-Hodgkin lymphoma (also referred to as NHL) and lesions now covering as much as 80% of his body as a result of exposure to Roundup. The plaintiff worked as a groundskeeper and used Roundup as a part of his job. The conclusion of the case resulted in a $289 million jury verdict in damages caused by Monsanto. Of the $289 million, $250 million was for punitive damages against Monsanto. “Punitive” damages refer to damages designed to punish the makers of Roundup for wrongdoing. This was merely the first lawsuit within a list of other cancer lawsuits that have currently been filed and those still to come as further damages are determined. The basis of each Florida Roundup cancer lawsuit is that Monsanto knew of the risks involved with their product but chose to cover it up as opposed to protecting its customers. Even when it was determined that there was a connection between cancer and the use of Roundup, Monsanto did not take the proper precautions to warn consumers of the danger of its product. Our Riverview personal injury attorneys’ mission is to ensure proper compensation is received by those Florida residents who have been exposed to cancer from Roundup.

In fact, among the long list of pending lawsuits is a series of Florida Roundup cancer lawsuits that have been filed against Monsanto. In Florida, those at the highest risk for Roundup cancer are farmers, landscapers, nursery workers, and agricultural workers. Those exposed to Roundup in Florida most likely come in contact with it through air inhalation during spraying; interacting with ground water used for drinking, cooking and eating food that was harvested in an area close to where Roundup was found in the soil or digested food. Our Riverview personal injury lawyers are adamant about bringing justice to all of those impacted by this willful negligence on the part of Monsanto. Roundup herbicide has caused Large Cell B Lymphoma, Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, Hairy Cell Leukemia, Lymphoma Cancer, Multiple Myeloma Cancer and other cancers and birth defects. Our Tampa cancer lawyers are committed to protecting our residents.

Florida Cancer Treatment Centers

With each Tampa Roundup cancer case, there is usually a need for immediate, quality care. Cancer can wreak havoc on the body and requires a more individualized approach to the patients’ health and recovery. Therefore, it is vital that victims of cancer from Roundup receive treatment at the best treatment cancer centers within Florida. Recently, the Tampa Bay Business Journal published a list of the top cancer centers in Tampa Bay. This list of the best cancer treatment hospitals in Tampa Bay included Moffitt Cancer Center, 12902 USF Magnolia Drive, Tampa, FL 33612 and AdventHealth’s Don Lau Family Center for Cancer Care, 3100 E Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL 33613, among others.

Roundup Cancer Lawyer Near Me

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with cancer or suffered a birth defect as a direct result of exposure to Roundup? If you answered yes, then contact our Florida Roundup lawyers in Riverview, FL for a free consultation. The meeting can take place at a location most convenient for you, whether that be in your home or in a hospital. Call us now to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation. Remember with these Tampa Roundup cancer cases, like other personal injury lawsuits, the personal injury attorney does not get paid unless he or she secures a settlement or wins the case for you. The horrific aftermath of cancer, both physical and emotional, keeps our Tampa Bay cancer lawyers dedicated to getting justice for all those involved in this tragedy.