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Riverview Premises Liability Lawyers

“Premises Liability” is another one of those legal terms that most people don’t use in everyday speech. Even though you may not know the term, you’ve most likely heard of examples of premises liability. If you slip and fall at a store in Brandon, the store aka the “premises” may be liable for your injury. If you tripped on someone’s sidewalk in front of their home in Riverview, the owner of the home, i.e. the premises, may have to pay for your medical bills and pain and suffering.

The premises or property where the accident occurs can range from everything from your neighbor’s house in Lake St. Charles to a huge retail store on Route 60 to a cruise ship at the Tampa Port Authority. As common sense probably tells you, these accidents are very common but usually only result in a sore bottom and hurt pride. However, when the accident causes a serious injury and occurs because someone else failed to maintain their property safely or otherwise allowed a dangerous condition to linger, then you may have a premises liability case in Hillsborough County or in whichever county the accident occurred.

Examples of Premises Liability Accidents in Riverview and Brandon

-Malfunctioning ride at a Theme Park
-Slip and fall at a restaurant
-Falling in a ditch on someone else’ property
-Neighbor’s dog bit you or your child
-Broken lights in an apartment complex
-Asbestos exposure
-Tripping on a can of soup at a Grocery Store
-Tripping on a palette at home goods store
-Falling items at a Retail Store
-Equipment failure at a playground
-Falling Tree branch at a Campground
-Gas explosion at an RV park
-Wet floor in lobby of Office building
-Poor security at condos or apartment buildings
-Broken stairs
-Broken handrail
-Exposed wires causing electrocution

In the above paragraph, we mentioned that often a premises liability injury like a slip and fall does not result in a serious injury. The caveat to that statement is that some seemingly innocuous injuries like a “sore back” or “bump on the head” can sometimes be a very serious injury in disguise. That is why it is important to always seek medical attention as soon as possible after a premises liability accident. And, even if you are sent away from the hospital emergency room with some ibuprofen and a pat on the back, if you are still in pain after a few days, go back, and go back again until you are given the diagnostic tests you need to determine the extent of your personal injury.

Statistics are shaky, but safe to say hundreds of thousands of people a year are hospitalized or are tragically killed in premises liability accidents. These personal injury accidents occur because of negligent maintenance. When you suffer a personal injury on someone else’s property, the first thing your Riverview personal injury attorney will analyze is whether the accident that led to your injury was caused by negligent actions or inactions on the part of the premises owner. The Managing Shareholder of The Frank Santini Law Firm previously represented one of the largest restaurant chains in the world and has seen a wide array of examples of what property owners like stores and office buildings should be and should not be doing to prevent their customers or patrons from suffering unnecessary injuries.

One of the questions we often receive from clients is that they hurt themselves at someone else’s home because of a defect in the railings, or an issue with the pool’s security gate, or any number of other dangerous situations. People are worried that the homeowner cannot afford to be sued. Recall, however, that homeowner’s insurance policies cover for these types of liability.

Brandon Slip and Fall 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published statistics showing that more than 1 million people will suffer from a slip and fall injury each year in the U.S. These slip and fall and trip and fall cases happened due to wet floors, improperly maintained sidewalks, bundled carpets, and dangerous objects left on the floor, among many other examples.

Can I Sue for an Injury on Someone’s Else’s Property in Gibsonton?

The critical question for personal injury lawyers in premises liability cases is whether the owner or employees of the store or other property had knowledge of the dangerous condition. Was there a broken railing that hadn’t been fixed? Was there a persistent leak causing slippery floors that they knew about for a while? Was there no lighting in the parking garage or parking lot they they had on their “to do” list but hadn’t gotten around to fixing? Was the gate to the condominium broken allowing unwanted visitors for the past few weeks? The questions and scenarios are infinite and requires the attention of an experienced and dedicated Riverview personal injury attorney. Call our premises liability attorneys in Brandon today for a free consultation at (813) 445-6121.

Riverview Personal Injury Attorneys

Florida law protects property owners like grocery stores, restaurants, and retail stores with favorable statutes that make it harder for slip and fall victims to sue. It is important in any case, but especially in premises liability cases like slip and falls that as much evidence as possible is gathered and saved. Even in cases where victims have suffered devastating brain and spinal cord injuries, there is no personal injury or wrongful death case without some evidence pointing blame at the property owner for negligent maintenance. Our Riverview premises liability attorneys and our co-counsel personal injury law firms use a variety of techniques and explore every possible avenue to preserve evidence, including use of private investigators.

The Brandon slip and fall lawyers at The Frank Santini Law Firm handle cases throughout Riverview, Valrico, Gibsonton, and Tampa Bay. Our Riverview slip and fall attorneys handle personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means you will not pay any attorney’s fees or costs, unless we win you a settlement or verdict in trial.

For a free consultation, contact our Brandon premises liability attorneys at The Frank Santini Law Firm for a free consultation.