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In Tampa Bay, the combination of elderly drivers, tourists who may be unfamiliar with the roads, densely populated areas, and notoriously poor driving has created traffic conditions rife with tragic incidences of car accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists . These personal injury accidents can cause life threatening injuries, steep medical bills, and even wrongful death. Our Riverview personal injury lawyers are ready to help victims of pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

On most warm, sunny days in Tampa Bay, the sidewalks and bike lanes are filled with pedestrians and bike riders. The accessibility of outdoor activities is actually one of the selling points of Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties. At the same time, it introduces dangers for pedestrians and bike riders alike. In fact, bicyclists are far more likely to be killed in Florida than in any other state. Pedestrians are in danger as well with almost 5,376 crash-related pedestrian deaths in 2015.

Even more surprising, in 2013, a pedestrian was killed every two hours and injured every 8 minutes. During such a sensitive and stressful time, victims of Riverview pedestrian accidents need a support team that will handle the details and keep you well informed. Contact our Brandon car accident lawyers to receive a free consultation to learn more about our personal injury and wrongful death law practice.

Riverview Pedestrian Accident Attorney

A car accident can happen in a flash and change lives forever. The results of a Riverview car accident could be minor injuries, permanent handicap or even wrongful death. Even though the injuries may be different, one thing remains – the high medical costs the victim or their families will be responsible for. If the Riverview car accident was the fault of the driver and not the pedestrian, there are options available to cover the cost of injuries as well as pain and suffering. With the guidance of our Riverview car accident attorneys, you will be able to avoid costly mistakes and ensure you receive the money you deserve.

Our team of St. Petersburg car accident lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation of the pedestrian accident and gather all necessary evidence quickly following the incident. If the driver’s negligence was the cause of the accident, the information will be used to negotiate a full and fair settlement with the insurance company. An example of negligence would be if a pedestrian is struck while walking across the street after the “walk” signal starts blinking. Similar cases that would prove fault of the driver would be a motorist who strikes a pedestrian on a sidewalk or behind a car backing out of a driveway; a motorist who does not completely stop at a traffic signal; a truck driver who swerves outside of marked lanes; and drivers who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

After a personal injury accident occurs, our main concern is the victim’s health and recovery process. Because of this, we make it our highest priority to protect your rights and handle all matters so the victim and families can focus on getting better. The Frank Santini Law Firm is so committed to our clients’ results, we will not get paid unless you are financially compensated.

Riverview Bicycle Accident Lawyer

We know you have questions regarding your legal rights in reference to a Riverview pedestrian or bike accident. Our team is here to answer them. Call (813) 445-6121 or contact us online to discuss your concerns. The personal injury consultation is free.