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Cancer – the big “C” is something that none of us wants to hear, yet, in one way or another cancer has affected most of our lives.  When I was still in school, a close friend suffered from recurring heart burn but was otherwise healthy.   He was active in sports, had a fantastic social life and lots of friends.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he got very ill.  After a few stressful days in the hospital, he was given the worst possible news by his doctors.  It turned out his heartburn and subsequent symptoms had been caused by a tumor in his liver bile duct. Cholangiocarcinoma.  I’ve only ever heard that word once in my life and I’ll never forget it – it was the moment when my friend told me his cancer diagnosis and that it was probably a death sentence.  Tragically, he was right. My friend only lived a short time after his diagnosis.

It was too late for my friend.  I don’t like using this word when it comes to cancer, but he was unlucky – he happened to be 1 of 100,000 people who developed that rare type of cancer of the liver.  I was too young to understand if there was any medical negligence on the part of my friend’s treating physicians before he found he had cancer that would have given him a better chance to fight the disease.  For my friend, it probably would not have made a difference because cholangiocarcinoma is a particularly insidious and aggressive form of cancer.  But for a lot of folks out there whose cancer could have been diagnosed earlier by a discerning doctor or medical professional, it can make the biggest difference, the difference between life and death.  If a doctor or medical professional does not order the proper cancer diagnosis tests or a radiologist makes a mistake in reading the cancer test results, the cancer missed diagnosis is medical negligence.  Common cancers that are misdiagnosed by doctors include:

Types of Cancer Frequently Missed Diagnosed

  • Breast Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Skin Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Brain Cancer

Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney

Unfortunately, cancer misdiagnosis from medical malpractice is more common than the average person would think.  A Johns Hopkins study recently revealed a disturbing statistic: over 250,000 people die each year from medical errors, making it the third-leading cause of death after cancer and heart disease.   Our medical professionals bear a burden to provide society with a certain “standard of care.” I’ll explain more about this “standard of care” below.  Whether it is a doctor, nurse or other medical professional, this duty is never surrendered (until their license to practice is taken away, of course).  When these medical professionals fail to deliver proper medical care and medical treatment, it can be a medical malpractice case.  A Brandon cancer misdiagnosis attorney can help you. For a free consultation, call us anytime, day or night.

 What is the Standard of Care in a Medical Malpractice case with a Missed Cancer Diagnosis?

In the legal world, there are always somewhat complex and outdated legal terms that come up, especially in personal injury cases.  For these Tampa cancer medical malpractice cases, the term is “standard of care.” Put simply, this means that a doctor or medical professional is required by law to “perform” at a certain level.  This level is called the “standard of care” in the medical malpractice law.

To understand the term “standard of care,” I’ll use a few simple examples.  One obvious example is that we, as parents, fall below our standard of care if we leave our children in a parked car with the windows up in the hot Florida summer.  Another example for football fans: a quarterback who throws four interceptions in one game is falling below the standard of care for an NFL quarterback.

For doctors and other medical providers, they have a duty, an obligation even, to catch your cancer early in certain cases.  Drawing on a football analogy again, if an NFL quarterback is asked to hit a wide receiver on a post pattern when the receiver is wide open, he is expected to throw an accurate and completed pass.  If my grandmother is asked to hit the same wide-open receiver on the same post pattern – yeah she might get lucky — but it is not expected that she will complete the pass.  Similarly, if your average person off the street took a basic course on cancer diagnosis, he or she might be able to recognize obvious signs of some types of cancer, yet you would forgive their mistake if they didn’t recognize a certain symptom as a red flag for cancer. A doctor or other trained medical professional, however, is not entitled to the same level of forgiveness.  Doctors are trained to recognize certain “obvious” symptoms, and when the medical professional fails to order the proper tests when presented with these symptoms, he or she falls below the standard of care.  Similarly, if a radiologist fails to see what the medical community would consider an obvious tumor on cancer test results, that radiologist falls below the standard of care.

Just like it’s unacceptable for a pro quarterback to miss a wide-open receiver, the law makes it unacceptable, illegal even, for a doctor not to catch your cancer in these straightforward scenarios.  Keep in mind, this is not every cancer case.  It’s the type of case where it’s something a professional of certain training and experience should not have missed.  Our Tampa Bay cancer misdiagnosis attorneys represent clients in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Brandon, Riverview, and Clearwater, FL.  Our medical malpractice attorneys offer free consultations.


The early diagnosis of cancer is so important because many forms of cancer can be cured if caught early.   For example, cervical cancer, brain cancer and lung cancer can be treated effectively in some cases. There are many inexpensive tests available to medical professionals to help them diagnose cancer at an early stage. These early-detection-of-cancer tests include:

  • Mammogram for the early detection of breast cancer
  • PSA test for the early detection of prostate cancer
  • Colonoscopy for the early detection of colon cancer
  • Visual screenings of the skin for the early detection of skin cancers like melanoma

In most cancer misdiagnosis cases, the cancer was either undiagnosed or undetected; or incorrectly diagnosed as a different disease.  If you believe your cancer went undiagnosed or undetected, or your radiologist erred in reading your cancer test results, contact a Clearwater cancer lawyer today for a free consultation.

The Psychological Effects on Cancer Patients with a Missed Cancer Diagnosis

With a cancer missed diagnosis, the physical health and pain of patients is only one aspect.  Many cancer misdiagnosis patients suffer debilitating emotional, physical and financial damages. When cancer is not properly detected early, the likelihood for survival decreases exponentially.  This cancer diagnosis delay is often medical malpractice. A Tampa cancer misdiagnosis attorney is ready to assist our Tampa Bay clients in these cases.

We are lucky to live in the Tampa Bay area with some of the most world-renowned hospitals, and a wealth of qualified and experienced doctors and nurses. Unfortunately, however, medical malpractice still occurs for a variety a reasons affecting our lives and the lives of our loved ones.  If you or a loved one suffer a serious Riverview personal injury or Tampa wrongful death, and this personal injury was the result of medical negligence or cancer misdiagnosis, you have important rights.  Contact a Tampa medical malpractice lawyer. Our Tampa Bay area cancer lawyers are ready and available to meet you in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, Riverview, and the greater Tampa Bay area.

Tampa Bay Hospitals

Our Tampa Bay medical malpractice lawyers will meet you and your family at any of the local Tampa Bay hospitals or hospitals throughout Florida.  Our St. Petersburg cancer lawyers will be there for you. Our consultations are always free and we will come meet you at any hospital in Florida, including the following Tampa Bay hospitals:

Memorial Hospital of Tampa – Swann Ave, Tampa

Florida Hospital Tampa – Fletcher Ave, Tampa

Florida Hospital Carrollwood – N. Dale Mabry, Tampa

St. Joseph’s Hospital — MLK, Jr. Blvd., Tampa

St. Joseph’s Hospital South — Big Bend, Riverview

Brandon Regional Hospital — Oakfield Drive, Brandon

St. Petersburg General Hospital — 38thAve N, St. Pete

Bayfront Health St. Petersburg — Downtown St. Pete

St. Anthony’s Hospital — Downtown St. Pete

Morton Plant Hospital — Downtown Clearwater

Palms of Pasadena Hospital — St. Pete Beach

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital — Downtown St. Pete

Tampa General Hospital – Downtown Tampa

Tampa Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

If the proper cancer diagnosis tests have not been ordered by your doctor; if a radiologist makes an error reading your cancer test results; if your doctor diagnoses and treats you for a disease that is not cancer and you later find out it was cancer all along, this cancer missed diagnosis or cancer misdiagnosis may mean medical negligence.  Medical malpractice in the context of missing a cancer diagnosis can mean life or death. You may be reading this article now because your friend or loved one has passed away from cancer that should have been caught earlier.  If that is the case, please accept the condolences of myself and everyone here at The Frank Santini Law Firm.  In addition to being cancer misdiagnosis lawyers, we are a Tampa Bay wrongful death law firm and can help you seek justice and just compensation for your loss.  This Tampa cancer misdiagnosis attorney is ready to help Tampa, Brandon, and great Tampa Bay victims of medical malpractice recover compensation for their loss.  For a free consultation, contact the Tampa medical malpractice lawyers at The Frank Santini Law Firm.