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Fatal Construction Accident causes Wrongful Death in Bradenton

Tragedy struck a construction site at Twin Dolphin Marina in Bradenton, about 35 miles south of Riverview. A fatal construction accident occurred when a crane collapsed on a construction worker. Another man was also injured in this accident on the construction site. The construction accident occurred at the Bradenton Riverwalk.

The Frank Santini Law Firm’s Riverview personal injury attorneys pass on their prayers and thoughts to all friends and family of those connected to this tragic construction accident wrongful death. Our Riverview personal injury lawyers are available to support in any way possible while the friends and family of those involved in this terrible construction accident try to understand how this tragic Tampa Bay wrongful death accident happened.

Those of us who work white collar jobs in offices often forget the danger our skilled contractors and laborers put themselves in each day at construction sites, inside mechanical rooms, and in road construction areas. Crane operators, carpenters, framers, mechanical contractors, HVAC technicians, T&B professionals, painters, masons, welders, heavy equipment operators, plumbers, roofers and other hard working men and women are doing excellent work day in and day out. These construction workers work hard and have the right to work in a safe environment so they can go home each night to their families.

We get asked a lot of questions about personal injury accidents on construction sites. Clients ask “can I sue for my personal injuries after a construction accident” and “how can I find a construction accident lawyer?” There’s a reason folks asks these Riverview construction accident questions. It is because construction is one of the most dangerous lines of work in the U.S. 20% of all deaths at work happen on a construction site according to OSHA. Falls from heights like falling off a roof are common and preventable construction accidents, as are situations where construction workers are caught underneath a collapsing object or piece of equipment. Unfortunately, electrocutions are still common amongst construction workers. Another unfortunate circumstance is a situation where a pallet of bricks, girder, or other construction material strikes or falls on a laborer.

Despite the precautions taken by most conscientious managers, foreman and site owners, sometimes negligence is to blame for a construction wrongful death or serious construction personal injury. If you or someone you love has suffered a personal injury from a construction accident or been accidentally killed on a construction site, call the Riverview construction injury lawyers at The Frank Santini Law Firm for a free consultation.

Frank Santini

Frank Santini

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