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Child Killed in Tampa Bay Wrongful Death Pedestrian Car Accident

Tragically, a 9-year-old boy was hit and killed by a pickup truck, according to Florida Highway Patrol. The boy was apparently on his way to elementary school with his sister in Bradenton. The pedestrian wrongful death occurred at 8am on Monday May 20, 2019. This Bradenton personal injury car accident occurred at Nodosa Drive and Webber Street.

The statistics are staggering. Over 8,000 car and truck accidents per day are attributed to distracted driving. We all have seen distracted driving on our Riverview roads. Texting is commonplace on US-301. But it’s not just texting and driving. Many people are using snapchat while driving, others are using instagram while driving. Florida law prohibits distracted driving but too many people still play candy crush when they should be paying attention to the road.

It is not only social media and the cell phone that is the cause of distracted driving car accidents in Riverview. Many other forces are at play taking our attention away from the road. Other causes of car accidents in Brandon include applying makeup while driving to eating while driving.

It is tragedies like this personal injury car accident in Bradenton that remind us that we must stay vigilant behind the wheel. If you have any questions about a Riverview wrongful death car accident or Gibsonton personal injury lawsuit, call The Frank Santini Law Firm for a free consultation at (813) 445-6121.